Laying J Custom Leather   

We started Laying J Custom Leather because we were tired of buying junk.  We have Ranch Horses and Cattle and when we work we need our gear to hold up and preform well.

We started making product for ourselves and before long everyone wanted us to make product for them as well. So we started Laying J Custom Leather.

We not only make the product, we use it.  We know that it will hold up or we learn what needs fixin’ to make it better.  We will not send it out of our shop if it’s not top quality.

We do custom work so what you see on site will have color and texture variations in the final product that you receive. We do a wide range of custom products, so let us know what you are looking for and we’ll make it for you!

We offer:

  • Cowboy Gear
  • Gun Holsters
  • Knife Sheaths
  • Belts
  • Gift Ideas and more.